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In this context, MEAD does research for both our region and geopolitical and geocultural structure of the world. It organizes scientific, cultural, philosophical and political meetings, national and international congres and symposiums.

MEAD, moreoever, does historical and cultural research. It helps to support and develop the folklore and search to preserve the heritage invantory at regional level. In order to develop education, it provides grants to students and finance academic studies.

In order to broaden the European Union perspective, comply with EU Acquis Communautaire and have a respectful status of Turkey in the international arena, MEAD cooperates with similar non-governmental organizations in the countries adopting modern values acting in the fields of culture, science, philosophy and politics. It knows that Turkey is  effective and reputable in the West, as much as it has strength in the East. It prepares projects which helps the society to live collectively with different culture and life styles.

MEAD also organizes joint studies in cooperation with other civil society organizations based on universal values. It publishes books, reports, bulletins and journals. It prepares programmes to be broadcasted in the media, participates debates and arranges organizations. All these attempts are initiated to proceed in the brilliant future through sheding light to our civilization through the enlightenment of common wisdom and global accumulation.